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tv   [untitled]    January 20, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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this is the regular meeting on the commission on community investment and infrastructure. the successor agency it, the redevelopment agency for tuesday, january 20, 2015. thank you for your patience. please call the first item. >> the first order of business is rollcall. >> the next order of business is item 2, announcements. the
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next regularly scheduled commission meeting will be held on tuesday, february 3, 2015 at 1 pm at city hall, room 416. announcements of prohibition of sound producing electronic devices during the meeting. please be advised, the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and electronic producing devices are prohibited. please be advised the chair may order the removal of any persons responsible for the ringing of or use of cell phones, pagers or other similar sound producing electronic devices. announcements of time allotment for public comment. a member of the public has up to three minutes to make comments on each agenda item unless the commission adopts the shorter period on any item. it is strongly recommended that members of the public who wish to address the commission fill out a speaker card. and submit
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the completed card to the commission secretary. the next order of business is item 3, report on actions taken out previously closed session meeting. there are no reportable actions. the next order of business is item number four, matters of unfinished business. we have no items. the next order of business is number five, matters of new business consisting of consent and regular agenda. >> approval of minutes. meeting of december 16, 2014. madam chair? >> there are no speaker cards. yes i do. to reflect on the
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minutes, you quote some of the things i said that some of the main things which i am going to request i get a copy of was the most important thing at all was this commission coming to the western addition. i have not heard anything about it. [indiscernible] now we know the addition has closed down. we have other issues coming before your agenda which you guys claim you have nothing to do with. i am here to say, you have a lot to do with it. i will be short on this, but i want you all to know, i am videotaping this for the world to know how they operate in the city by the bay. my point is, i am finished. >> thank you mr. washington. >> if there are no others
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speaker cards, public comment is closed. do the commissioners have any questions? >> the minutes have been moved of december 16. >> please call the roll. >>3 ayes one absent. >> the next order of business is regular agenda. conditionally authorizing the executive director to enter into a grant agreement for use of up to $88,000 of tax-exempt bond proceeds for captial improvements. >> madam director?
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>> thank you. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. [indiscernible] allows agencies of which opi is the successor to the san francisco riva development agency to use unexpended bond proceeds provided agencies have completed a number of steps and we have completed the steps including the long-range property management plan. [indiscernible] and we have
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also paid a total of approximately $11 million to the state which was distributed to all the city and county of san francisco. we are now able to complete unfinished business in former project areas and we have partnered with the city and members of community to recommend the distribution of $88000 in western addition tax-exempt bond proceeds be transferred to the city and county of san francisco for critical capital repairs in the western addition. i would like to ask [indiscernible] who is the senior development specialist, our new director of real estate congratulations christine. to walk you through the background and specifics and public process. >> thank you. good afternoon. which was authorized last fall
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the expenditure of $83,000 in excess bond proceeds plus up to $5000 of accrued interest from western addition tax-exempt bond issue by the former agency between 1991 and 2003 for capital improvements to the center. the item before you for consideration is a grant agreement to transfer these proceeds. i would like to give some background information. the center is operated by collective impact of [indiscernible] organizations. these programs include [indiscernible] which serves at risk and under served youth
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which includes mix income preschool, afterschool programs for grades k-12 in job training and placement for transitional youth. the center also provides counseling and clinical services, physical fitness workshops, support groups, sports leagues and classes. the hutch center which is owned by the center and maintained by the department of real estate is in need of critical lighting occupant comfort and security repairs. currently, the site has no control over seeding system. most of the exterior lighting for the facility parking lot, playground, park and tennis courts is inoperable or work sporadically which impacts the use of the facility and is a safety concern. to address these problems, we are in consultation with collective impact and have propose the following scope of work. improvements to the exterior lighting system including
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repairing electrical circuits and adding control mechanisms for security and efficiency. second, restoring the building control system for heating, cooling and ventilation. installing lighting and ventilation based on occupancy and levels of natural lighting. we estimate the total cost to complete the work is $183000. because bond proceeds we are transferring must be used for capital improvements, we have proposed excess bond proceeds for completion of the exterior lighting repairs. [indiscernible] currently anticipates the remaining items will be completed with funds provided by the public utility commission. the grant agreement before you provides for the transfer of the bond proceeds
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for completion of the lighting improvements and requires [indiscernible] on the expenditure of the funds in return unused funds upon completion of the improvements. the estimated completion date is november 15. in closing, i would like to note we have received numerous letters in support of the grant agreement and these letters are included in your packet. myself as well as representatives of collective impact, department of real estate and public utilities commission are here to answer questions you may have. thank you. >> we are having technical difficulties. thank you and congratulations on your new position. do we have any speaker cards? there are 15 cards. >> the first person is
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[indiscernible]. >> i am [indiscernible], senior aide for supervisor [indiscernible]. i am here today to speak for supervisor [indiscernible]. i am familiar with the project. i have been in aid for eight years. four years ago, when ella hill was a need for programming the former supervisor past collective impact to come in and program the hutch. that was done and in the four years they have been there, they have increased youth programs, traditional age youth training programs, they
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have basketball tournaments and also for the general public. they have classes for the neighborhood. they also have weddings and receptions, if you apply to have been there. so, it has become an amazing community center where many people send their children, you go to a class there and they have a huge class from the community. unfortunately, ella hill hutch for decades of neglect has needs for repair. one of the things our office has been getting complaints for the last few years and beyond that is safety around ella hill hutch. you have hud housing, senior housing, and family public housing around there.
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the lighting is dark and that sunset it is black. for a lot of people, especially seniors, that is scary. so we have been asked several times to find funding for lighting ella hill hutch up of on the outside. one of the priorities we have for western district is safety. that is one of her top priorities so when this particular funding came through the bond and it was for capital planning, one of the things she really wanted to stress and she thought the lighting would affect not only ella hill hutch but impact the community would be very important. i am here today in support of letting the $83,000 be used for exterior lighting for ella hill hutch and for the broader community.
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thank you. >> the next person is cheryl davis. >> i am the director of collective impact and i am hoping this can go through. i want to stress to folks that the money is not going to collective impact that from one city agency to another to get the work done. i think it is a small thing to ask the city to maintain and support the building. there has not been much funding put toward supporting the building. we provide tennis lessons for four other programs in the community. we provide zumba. we provide the space for
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[indiscernible] and people who want to have birthday parties and other things in the space. i have here, in 2006, there was a homicide in the gym so safety is a real issue and we want to do things around the lighting and what is going on there. i have other things to share with you about how we have open the space for arbor day. we do an annual backpack that gives out more than 1200 backpacks. we did a christmas event where we had over 300 people from the community come in. for me, i have a hard time understanding why there would be debate over putting lights and air-conditioning in the space. the people are always asking us about turning on the heat. the system that was put in there, there is no control so it is freezing in there. we are in
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transition with the preschool but they had days they had to close down because there are rules about the temperature inside the building and we had no control over it. i did hear the representative from [indiscernible] agency saying this had to be used for capital improvements. so this is not money going to an organization. it's about money being put into my budget, it's about a building in a neighborhood being able to be fully utilized by the folks using it. we have a dedicated as the bc at the moment as a space for young people and their families and we try to accommodate that. i know there are folks from westside here who provide on-site mental health support so it is very important to me that we focus on the issue at hand which is the building and not the politics. >> thank you.
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>> [indiscernible] >> hello. my name is [indiscernible] and i am from the community. i want to say, we do need lighting because when we get off work sometimes it will be dark and for the safety of the kids in the air conditioner is [indiscernible]. we have to keep our coats on all day. i have worked there for 40 years. i grew up in [indiscernible] and i have kids that went there and grandkids that go to the program so i want to keep going but we need to improve things and get things fixed. if the city could help us with us that would be great. >> thank you.
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>> a washington. >> sarah williams. tiffany wheeler, randall evans. >> as was noted before, one of the programs we provide in the space is the class that's offered free to the community every tuesday evening and i have a copy of our class roster see you can see the number of people that come for that event. i would also like to reiterate what christine said, the money can only be used for capital improvements. which means the improvements of the property. so it is not being used for any other purposes. i would like to read a letter we
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have been support. from [indiscernible]. public safety through environmental design, in this case lighting, is essential to reducing crime. the community and visitors. the community center happens to be located in the heart of the western addition, a neighborhood that has higher than average rate of crime unfortunately. to deny or withhold this request reduces the role of the partnership to reduce crime and protect the users and visitors to this vital community center. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am tiffany wheeler, i'm an employee of collective impact and i want to read a router that has been put into the packet. my name is
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[indiscernible] and i live in the western addition for 50 years. i'm a member of a recovery group that helps people get off drugs and stay off drugs. [indiscernible] on sunday, wednesday and thursday evenings for 25 years. we consider ourselves part of the family. not only does my group meet regularly, many people attend the after school and sporting events. in addition, magic stone is doing great work. there have been zumba classes in many community activities that continue to be held. it is a facility that has been in the community for decades and with the leadership of cheryl davis, there have been many improvements but more work is needed. i am writing this letter as a representative the support group as well as long-standing member of the community. there are many elderly residents in the community. we support the following improvements. better lighting, heating and if at all possible, general upgrades. the
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area around is very dark due to the lack of lighting and i have not felt safe walking home after dark. as a member of this community i would like to see more lighting and parents would feel safer sending their children to magic zone. better lighting would cut down on the possibility of criminal activities especially in light of the recent shooting in our community. a well lit street is a great crime deterrent. the fact that the facility needs a better heating system, this would help as well. it provides a service in our community that cannot be ignored and the least can be done to improve the safety and quality of life in our community. she leaves her information for contact. >> thank you. >> randall evans. michael hall. >> i'm going to ask [indiscernible] i would like to hear more on the proposal i
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would like to be further down the chain so i can get a better understanding. >> michael hall. stacy foltz. marianne jones. >> my name is michael hall. i have been living in the community for 40 years. i was there when ella hill hutch first open. i now run the tennis program they are. i do tennis with kids at night, up to 20 kids on a half lit court. i have papers showing that people do use the space and lighting and safety is the main issue. it's important that we do have better lighting for the kids. >> thank you. >> good morning. my name is stacy holt and i live in the
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western addition and raised two girls for the past 20+ years. i use a lot of the facilities and programs, i do zumba on tuesday and it can get extremely hot in there. we are forced to open the doors in order for all of us to stay cool because it is a huge class. sometimes up to 50 people in the gym at one time. [indiscernible] has been the executive director, i have seen a lot of changes. positive changes. before she came i never even used the center because i did not feel like the program was something i wanted my daughter to be part of. but since she has been there, my daughter has utilized the zumba program, i do the zumba, i'm part of the westside that provides mental health services. as a person living in the community, i think i deserve to
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be safe. my daughters deserve to be safe and in a place that is well ventilated and where the lights are working. i am in support of this proposition for ella hill hutch. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is dr. marianne jones and i am the chief executive officer of westside community services. the first community health center in the country founded in 1967. i grew up in the western addition before ella hill hutch my tile grew up using it. many of my clients use it. they provide services there. it is the post of our community. i think it is psychologically interest to go to a place without lights. it's
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hard for me to wrap my head around what is happening to the black community in san francisco that other communities would have centers in their community and be able to have lights and air-conditioning. to me it sounds like something pre-1957 that we are even having this discussion. at a time when we are looking at the worst healthcare disparity outcomes for the black community in san francisco ever, our population has decreased utilization of mental health services and other healthcare services and emergency services have increased. we are doing worse and we use ella hill hutch. i am surprised we are having, there's a hearing to even address this issue. i don't really understand why the city does not provide for ella hill hutch as it does for other city buildings. finally, i want to say this is very important to the families and the communities we serve and i
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continue to be a resident, i am a homeowner in the western addition and i would like to see us have lights. there are murders in the area and people are afraid to come outside their home. they should not be afraid to come to a place where they can find safety and support services. >> thank you. >> my name is anita garrison and i provide clinical support to ella hill hutch and i am a representative of westside community services so my job at ella hill hutch is to provide mental health care to our youth. i am utilizing a lot of the facilities we have there. i
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would like to say, it is a tragedy that we would even have to be in substandard conditions. i am trying to get therapy to youth that are already feeling hopelessness and we are cold. i have to reinforce that they put on coats. my car for one has been broken into. and lighting would be a necessity. it seems like it should be a minimum requirement that the lighting facilities are accurate. heating and air-conditioning be provided. it is a shame that our youth that are already dealing with trauma would have to be in a facility that are substandard. i am definitely in support of utilizing the funding to put the center where it should be. we are not doing any
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major improvements that are going to make the aesthetic of the building even better. these are just minimum requirements i feel should be utilized. thank you. >> good evening. i work for westside community services. like you already heard i am in support of the center having lighting, basic needs. that's a lie for these kids to have heating, ventilation, lighting. i do a lot of therapy and these kids come from the center and i go over there to get them and it would be more safety if someone can have, lights can be lit like this place. we want to be able to be in a place that is safe and we can walk without tripping. the lights will serve
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a purpose to help people in the community where it is supposed to be. i am in support. anybody that has opposition toward what you are trying to do, they have problems themselves. we are in support of getting this money toward the kids that need it. it's not about us, it's about the kids. >> thank you. >> madam chair, members of the commission, i am president of san francisco national association for the advancement of colored people. i'm a senior pastor of third baptist church. i find it very ironic that there would be any opposition
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to things being done to remove from the black community of the city what i consider to be respectively, a culture of death. through the process of photosynthesis, light brings life and here we are talking about lights. put a board on some grass and see if it does not turn from green to brown. it does. to not have that facility with lights and with heat is a statement of death. i know that this [indiscernible] does not want to be an agent of death. we've lost too


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